Vicki Gordy’s book, A Heart for God: Loving God with Your Whole Heart, is a breath of fresh air! Unlike so many other books focusing on “apologetics” issues, this book breathes sincerity and concern rather than simply offering answers to frequent questions. To be sure, Gordy offers her readers plenty of answers and a number of good reasons for believing in and trusting Jesus as Lord, but A Heart for God also offers the reader a glance into the author’s heart—a heart that loves God and her neighbors. In short, this book was a labor of love, and it shows. Fortunately truth and love are not mutually exclusive, and A Heart for God is thus an example of how to speak—or write—the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). As a result, I predict that readers will come away with a sense that the Gospel is worth serious consideration, and a healthy respect for the author of this wonderful book.

Bob Stewart
Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Director of the Apologetics Program
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


Some Christian books focus on personal spiritual development without substantial answers to the questions of today.  Other Christian books focus on intellectual answers but leave no space for relational insight.  A Heart for God: Loving God with Your Whole Heart by Vicki Gordy strikes a great balance between intellectual apologetics and relational evangelism.  It will certainly be used by the Lord in bringing many people into His kingdom.

John Frady
Author of Bad Preacher
Executive Pastor of Spiritual Development
Celebration Church, Metairie, Louisiana


Few have a heart for God as my friend Vicki Gordy.  All who know Vicki know she offers this book as an invitation to explore biblical faith and discover, as she did, that it is strong enough to hold through life’s storms, and gentle enough to satisfy every heart.  Her careful research, verified by some of today’s top scholars, shows that the Christian faith is reasonable and true.  This is a book I highly recommend.

Marilyn Stewart
Editor and Journalist
Assistant Director of News
Communications Office
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary