Vicki answers your questions about A Heart For God.

I came to discover many years ago as a young adult why the claims of Christianity are believable and worth embracing. I love sharing with others what I have learned and experienced and decided to put this information in writing. Because I don’t have formal seminary training but wanted to accurately communicate the material in A Heart For God, I asked respected scholars to review the book’s chapters relevant to their fields of study. (Learn more about these scholars in the book under “Acknowledgments.”)

I wrote A Heart for God to share how the gospel can be believed, embraced, and lived. I hope this book will also be a helpful resource for you when you share the gospel with others. Here are some suggestions:

  • Send A Heart for God website link to family and friends or post it on social media.
  • Purchase or print copies of A Heart for God to give as gifts for graduations, Christmas, other special occasions, or “just because.” 
  • A Heart for God is also a great resource for small groups. A study guide for A Heart for God is coming soon (target date: Spring of 2023).
  • I’ve also created a bookmark that you can print and share (link below). I use Printrunner.com, but you can print them anywhere… you’ll just need to send the printing service the bookmark PDF template:


No. In fact, one business owner printed 700 to give to each of his employees.