Vicki answers your questions about A Heart For God.

I’ve been interested in apologetics since I became a Christian more than 40 years ago. Apologetics has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years. Since I don’t have formal seminary training but wanted to accurately communicate the material in A Heart For God, I asked respected scholars to review the book’s chapters relevant to their fields of study. (Learn more about these scholars in the acknowledgements on page 9.)

The copyright for A Heart for God allows anyone to print this book as long as you print it in its complete and exact form for no monetary gain. I recommend these 3 easy steps for printing a bound copy of A Heart for God with a professional look for about $6 (this amount is based on pricing at Office Depot):

  • Print the book at home.

Print A Heart for God without the cover on your computer printer using duplex printing (print shops usually offer higher quality color printing so I recommend letting them print the cover). Click here for a printable version of the book without the cover. Blank pages throughout the book are intentional so pages align properly with duplex printing. 

  • Find a print shop. 

Once you’ve found your local Office Depot or favorite print shop, email a PDF of the book’s front cover (you can download the cover here) and ask them to print it on card stock.  

  • Take the pages you printed in Step 1 to the print shop.

Ask the print shop to bind the cover, printed pages, and one piece of white cardstock paper (for the back cover) using spiral binding or comb binding (½ inch).

No. One business owner printed 700 books to give one to each of his 700 employees! (Of course, he observed copyright restrictions: The book was printed in its complete and exact form for no monetary gain.)

I wrote A Heart for God to share the gospel with you, and I hope you’ll share it with others. You can send this website to friends and family or share it on social media so people can download the book for free. You can also print copies of the book by following the 3 easy steps above and give them to people you know. A Heart for God is also a great resource for small groups, and a small group discussion guide is coming soon!  I’ve created a bookmark to spread the word about A Heart for God too. You can give it along with a copy of the book. Share bookmarks with friends and family and include them in Christmas cards and other correspondence. You could even leave a bookmark with your tip at a restaurant!  I use Printrunner.com for bookmarks because of their great prices and customer service, but you can print them anywhere… you’ll just need to send the printing service the bookmark using this PDF.

I checked into it when I began writing the book several years ago. Amazon’s contract for publishing books has many rules and regulations, including a cap on the amount of time an author can offer their Ebook for free. I decided not to publish the book through Amazon since I’ll always offer A Heart for God as a free Ebook. I started this website instead.

After several people recommended I go this route, I consulted with a literary agent about this possibility but was told publishing companies wouldn’t publish A Heart for God due to my requirement that it be available as a free Ebook on my website.