Frequently Asked Questions

Who should read A Heart for God?

Consider reading A Heart for God if …

1) You are not a Christian, but interested in exploring Christianity – what it claims, reasons why many conclude that the claims of Christianity represent truth, and what it means to become and live as a follower of Christ.

2) You are a new Christian. A Heart for God covers many basics about the Christian faith that are helpful to understand from the start.

3) You are a Christian who wants to learn how to better defend your beliefs and/or you want to re-visit the key elements of your faith.

What is the author’s background?

I’ve been a Christian for over four decades, and have had an interest in apologetics since I became a Christian.  Apologetics has been an active hobby for me for over 10 years.  However, since I do not have formal seminary training, to insure that the information I presented is accurate, I had each chapter of A Heart for God reviewed by (at least) one respected scholar with credentials that correspond to the chapter(s) in which they reviewed.  (See “Acknowledgements” on page nine of book.)

I prefer a printed book.  Where can I get one?

The copyright for A Heart for God allows anyone to print this book as long as it is printed in its complete and exact form and it is not printed for monetary gain.  Click here to see how you can produce a professional-looking printed copy (through your home printer and Office Depot’s print shop) for about $6. per book.  This link also includes a photo of the finished product.

Are you planning to get A Heart for God published through a publishing company?

After several people recommended that I get A Heart for God published through a publishing company, I consulted with a literary agent about this possibility, but was told that publishing companies will not consider publishing A Heart for God due to my requirement that A Heart for God always be available as a free eBook on my website.

Why didn’t you publish A Heart for God through amazon.com?

I checked into amazon.com when I first began writing this book several years ago.  However, there were many rules and regulations in their contract for publishing books through them, and one stipulation is that books could only be offered as a free eBook for (I think it was) approximately four or six weeks a year.  Since I want A Heart for God to always be accessible to people as a free eBook, I decided not to pursue that option.  Instead, I created my own website.

Is there a limit to how many books a person can print?

No. In fact, one business owner had 700 books printed (observing the copyright guidelines) and gave one to each of his 700 employees.