A Heart for God
is a FREE eBook – and not just for a limited time. It will always be free on this site.
CLICK HERE to read  A Heart for God – Loving God with Your Whole Heart


Prefer a printed book?  A Heart for God is in PDF format (in the above link) so you can enjoy a printed copy as long as you observe the following copyright restrictions. (NOTE: The occasional blank pages are intentional so pages will align properly with duplex printing.)

© 2018 – 2020 Vicki Lynn Gordy.  While this book is under copyright protection, PERMISSION IS GRANTED for freely sharing this book electronically in its complete and exact form but not for monetary gain, and PERMISSION IS ALSO GRANTED for printing this book in its complete and exact form for personal use and/or to freely share with others but not for monetary gain.

Recommendations for a professional look (photo below):

1) Print out the book pages with your computer printer (using duplex printing).

2) Go to a print shop to print the book cover in color on cardstock paper. Click here for book cover.   (Print shops usually produce a higher quality color copy than most home printers.)  For the back cover simply use a sheet of white cardstock paper, which the print shop can supply.

3) Have the print shop bind the book using spiral binding, or comb binding.

The price for these services at Office Depot is only about $6.00 per book, making A Heart for God a great gift idea!