A Heart For God:

Loving God with Your Whole Heart

Some of life’s biggest questions keep you up at night.

Does God exist? If so, what is He like? Was Jesus more than a man? Is the Bible reliable? Who am I and what is my life’s purpose? How can I have what the Bible calls “life that is truly life?”

Maybe you’re curious about how Christianity answers these questions.

In A Heart for God: Loving God with Your Whole Heart, Vicki Gordy invites you to consider evidence you’ve maybe never heard for the truth of Christianity’s claims, as she weaves personal testimony and rigorous scholarship together. You’ll not only learn how the gospel or “good news” of Jesus Christ can be believed but lived.


Vicki Gordy began searching for answers to some of life’s biggest questions after her history professor told the class Jesus was a myth. Gordy wasn’t a Christian then, but several years later at 21 years old she wanted to explore whether her professor’s claim about Jesus was true or false.

In A Heart for God, you’ll learn why it is reasonable to believe Christianity is true and worth embracing, and what it means to love God with your whole heart.

Chapters include: 

* Pursuing Truth
* Reasons to Believe God Exists
* Reasons to Believe the Bible is Reliable
* Reasons to Believe the Claims of Jesus
* What God is Like
* God’s Relationship with Mankind
* You Are Invited
* Walking with God

Christian Scholars, Pastors, and Others Commend A Heart for God:

"Vicki Gordy’s book, A Heart for God: Loving God with Your Whole Heart, is a breath of fresh air! Unlike so many other books focusing on “apologetics” issues, this book breathes sincerity and concern rather than simply offering answers to frequent questions. To be sure, Gordy offers her readers plenty of answers and a number of good reasons for believing in and trusting Jesus as Lord, but A Heart for God also offers the reader a glance into the author’s heart—a heart that loves God and her neighbors. In short, this book was a labor of love, and it shows. Fortunately truth and love are not mutually exclusive, and A Heart for God is thus an example of how to speak—or write—the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). As a result, I predict that readers will come away with a sense that the Gospel is worth serious consideration, and a healthy respect for the author of this wonderful book."
Bob Stewart
Professor of Philosophy and Theology
Director of the Apologetics Program

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
"Some Christian books focus on personal spiritual development without substantial answers to the questions of today. Other Christian books focus on intellectual answers but leave no space for relational insight. A Heart for God: Loving God with Your Whole Heart by Vicki Gordy strikes a great balance between intellectual apologetics and relational evangelism. It will certainly be used by the Lord in bringing many people into His kingdom."
John Frady
Author of Bad Preacher
Executive Pastor of Spiritual Development

Celebration Church, Metairie, Louisiana

Who Is A Heart for God Written For?

The Curious Reader

You’re not a Christian, but you want to explore whether Christianity is true and what it means to become a follower of Jesus.

The New Christian

You’ve decided to follow Jesus, but you’re unsure where to go from here. This book covers some of Christianity’s foundational teachings and how they transform your life here and now.

The Christian

You’re a Christian and want to revisit key elements of your faith and evidence for Christianity

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