Either ….

  • God exists, or he doesn’t.
  • There is a purpose for our lives, or there is not.
  • We have been given information about God’s existence and our purpose, or we were not.

I think the evidence is clear that God exists, that he is the God of the Bible, that there is a good and meaningful purpose for our lives, and that we have been given the information we need to live the lives we were created to live – and to have what the Bible calls “life that is truly life.”

I address all of this and more in A Heart for God – Loving God with Your Whole Heart.  (See “Contents”below.)

This is a free eBook, and not just for a limited time. It will always be free on this website.



Reasons to Believe

1 ~ Pursuing Truth

2 ~ Reasons to Believe God Exists

3 ~ Reasons to Believe the Bible is Reliable

4 ~ Reasons to Believe the Claims of Jesus

Encountering God

5 ~ What God is Like

6 ~ God’s Relationship with Mankind

A Heart for God

7~ You Are Invited

8 ~ Walking with God