PURCHASE A Heart for God

To purchase your copy of A Heart for God, click on the link below, or purchase through other book sources, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (One hundred percent of all royalties received for the sale of A Heart for God will be used to further promote this book.)


PRINT A Heart for God

The copyright for A Heart for God allows anyone to print this book as long as you print it in its complete and exact form and not for  monetary gain. I recommend these 3 easy steps for printing a bound copy of A Heart for God with a professional look for about $6 (this amount is based on pricing at Office Depot):

  • Print the book at home.

Print A Heart for God without the cover on your computer printer using duplex printing. (Print shops usually offer higher quality color printing so I recommend letting them print the cover.) Click the button below for a printable version of the book without the cover. Blank pages throughout the book are intentional so pages align properly with duplex printing. 

Click Here to Print the Book (with no Cover) 

  • Find a print shop.

Once you’ve found your local Office Depot or favorite print shop, email a PDF of the book’s front cover (you can download the cover here) and ask them to print it on card stock.  

  • Take the pages you printed in Step 1 to the print shop.

Ask the print shop to bind the cover, printed pages, and one piece of white cardstock paper (for the back cover) using spiral binding or comb binding (½ inch).